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We Live for the We: the Political Power of Black Motherhood

We Live for the We: the Political Power of Black Motherhood really nourished me as a reader and a #mother. Dani McClain is the mother of a baby as am I. As a first time mother, you have countless questions about raising a child especially a black child in this racist, unjust world.

Dani McClain uses her investigative journalist skills on race, reproductive justice, policy and politics to provide some answers and steps to parenting and approach certain scenarios. I love how she constructed the book. The chapter were named And divided into different topic such as “home, .....”

I especially loved how she took her own personal experience in mothering coupling it with research and facts. That together made the reading experience very rich and impactful. I found myself taking mental notes for myself and tips on things I can do better in with parenting.

I believe this book should be read by all women, not just black mothers, so that there can be a true understanding of how mothering while black is truly a political act. I’d highly recommend for those who love books that a personal yet well researched + written, also for readers who have a particular love for feminism.

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